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Service & Repairs

heat treating coils
Ajax TOCCO Induction Services...The Difference is Apparent

Heat Treating Coils

We have developed the special expertise to design, build and repair any size, shape or form of coils used for hardening, annealing, tempering and other heat treating and selective heating processes. necessary machine tools, materials and skilled craftsmen (yes, "craftsmen!") have been refined over the 21 years in the induction coil business. Coils and tooling for all types of induction heat treating applications are processed regularly. Quick disconnect coil adapters and water cooled bus can be supplied to suit your existing equipment. Coil laminations and other flux concentrator materials can be designed and fabricated for your specific application. Quench Chambers, rings and blocks are repaired and/or replaced if necessary.

Heating Coils

Put our experience to work for you. We can provide reduced overall costs compared to "in-house" coil repairs. Bar and billet heating coils that last longer save you money and reduce downtime. In-line heating coils for tube, wire, coating, annealing, etc., are rebuilt using a variety of construction methods. All types and manufacturer's coils can be repaired, rebuilt or modified including European coils. All styles of coils including cast refractory block type, 60 Hz tie-rod type, replaceable cast liners and open winding type with aluminum framework are regularly rebuilt. Our extensive experience and research in insulation coatings and refractories allow us to quickly rebuild and/or recommend improvements for increased efficiency or service life.

heating coils
heating coils
Above Top: Quick change coil is designed to heat the bore and the flange of a transmission part simultaneously. Above Centre: Large multipath coil with steel laminations for flux concentration is used to harden rails. Above: Quick Change bus adapter with scan type coil being checked for alignment.
channel induction coils
Above Left: Large channel type coil for continuous heating of aluminum billets. Above Right: Quick change scan type coil with removable quench plate; Single shot heating coil with flux concentrators and side mounted quench blocks.
Left:Cast refractory block type forge heating coil with water cooled end plates and rails
channel induction coils

Melting Furnaces

A complete furnace rebuild or a coil repair, we are prepared to server you needs. Our facilities can handle a small lift/swing furnace or 35-ton furnaces and larger. We utilize our 80+ years of experience starting with the first induction melting furnaces.
We offer the latest advances in technology and materials. Our experienced craftsmen have access to extensive engineering and testing capability. We can provide the quality expected to ensure the repair or rebuild works properly when reinstalled and performs as anticipated.

Coreless Melting Coils

Coreless melting coils of all sizes and manufacturers, including European manufactured coils, and box furnaces up to 10,000 lbs. or more are rebuilt or repaired. High temperature graphite and other susceptor heating coils (4000° F and higher) and vacuum melting coils are within our capabilities. Cast refractory tops and bottoms are provided for box furnaces and complete furnace rebuilding is also available.

coreless melting

coreless melting coils

Top: Small lift/swing furnace refurbished with rebuilt coil and water cooled cables. Centre Right: large hollow bore coreless melting coil with stainless steel top and bottom cooling sections ready for final alignment. Below left:Billets for extrusion are heated with this 60Hz coil. Below Right: Cast tops, bottoms water cooled leads, contactors and coils need to be repaired eventually. A planned rebuilding program can avoid unscheduled down time.
coreless melting coils
60Hz heating coil
heating coil repairs

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